Our Work

Neurology Foundation is a registered charitable trust. We at the Neurology Foundation believe in Knowledge & Care and our work encompasses these two ideals through the following projects.

Sahay: Individual Patient Aid

"Sahay" is an endeavor to provide deserving patients individualized support via financial aid. Patients, both adults and children, with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's disease, Stroke, Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy amongst several others are enabled to receive necessary treatment through funding. This support is for those patients unable to meet expenses related to diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. This support would include out-patient medical therapy for chronic illnesses, hospitalization for acute neurological illnesses and surgical intervention when necessary, financial aid for medication and assistive aids for both adults and children suffering from neurological disorders.

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Upchar: The Remedial Programme

Neurological diseases are associated with significant morbidities like paralysis, speech defects and learning & cognitive impairment. These require intensive rehabilitation such as Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy for extended periods of time, especially in children.

Physiotherapy involves the evaluation of gross motor skills such as sitting, standing and walking and therapy to improve these and other motor skills. Occupational therapy focuses on fine motor skills and eye hand co-ordination with the goal of improving functional ability and activities of daily living. Speech therapy is particularly important for the improvement of communication skills in patients affected by such diseases.

We work in partnership with patients and families to achieve their goals of rehabilitation. Through this programme we also give assistive aids to patients, both adults and children suffering from neurological diseases.

  • Alzheimer's and Cognition in the Elderly (ACE) Project

    The goal of this project is to provide quality rehabilitation and allied services to Alzheimer's and Dementia patients and their families. It is a half day programme for patients and their caregivers at the Sah and Sanghi Medical Centre, BDD Chawl, Worli. Services provided include Physiotherapy, training for life skills/activities of daily living, psychological support and counselling along with yoga as well as mental stimulation and cognitive training.

  • Asalpha outreach project, Ghatkopar

    Through this project children with neurological disorders are identified and rehabilitated. We provide individual therapy, counselling, medication and assistive aids to children in this area.

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Aanchal: The Community Outreach Programmes

The last decade has seen remarkable advances in the diagnostic and therapeutic abilities of the neurologists. Key diagnostic tests like the scans and advanced blood based tests have become available throughout India. Unfortunately there are large populations of individuals and communities who are economically challenged and do not have access to these facilities. There are around 2000 neurologists in the country who need to serve a population of 1.25 billion individuals. Hence we believe that we must reach out to those who cannot avail of such medical services. With this vision in mind, Neurology Foundation embarked on its mission of setting up community out- reach programmes.

  • Dharavi outreach project

    This project works to identify and treat economically disadvantaged people in the community. It includes door to door survey, identification of neurological disorders, monitoring, support and medical rehabilitation. Community workers under the supervision of a physiotherapist and medical health professional are trained to conduct the survey.

    Nearly 2000 households are included in this project. A large number of patients with different neurological conditions have been identified and rehabilitation programs have been undertaken. This project is in partnership with J. M. Foundation & Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorder Society.

  • B. D. D Chawl, Worli outreach project

    Through this project patients with neurological conditions are identified, supported and rehabilitated. There are 121 BDD chawls housing a population of more than 9,500. This includes physiotherapy, speech therapy and counseling and the provision of medication and assistive devices for the needy. This project is in partnership with The Gulabchand and Suraj Prakash Sanghi Medical Trust & Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorder Society.

  • Vasind outreach project

    Neurology Foundation started its first rural project titled 'Support and Care of the geriatric population with neurological diseases in Vasind' with support from Jindal Steel (JSW) & the Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorder Society, in the fast growing village Vasind, Taluka Shahpur, district Thane of Maharashtra about 70 kms from Mumbai. The population of the village is around 1,00,000 and is well connected to the surrounding villages and districts. The three year project aims at identification, support and treatment of the geriatric population in Vasind with neurological diseases, specifically Parkinson's disease, stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The diagnosis will be done through medical camps while treatment and rehabilitation will be provided by setting up an information and support centre in the village.

  • Kaprada & Dharampur tribal outreach project

    This upcoming project is based in Kaprada & Dharampurtaluka, Valsad district, Gujarat. This will include door to door survey of 2 clusters of tribal population (approximately 70000 people). In addition, 10 residential school children (approx. 2000) will be surveyed. The goal is to identify tribal adults and children with neurological disorders. Neurologists from Mumbai will travel there and evaluate and treat these patients. The cost of investigations and treatment will be carried out through funding from Neurology Foundation. The foundation will liaise with the Jashoda Narottam Chauhan trust based in Pardi for local assistance.

Vidhya: Knowledge & Care

Knowledge is power and is the stamp of progress in every society. Neurology Foundation encompasses this belief. We strive to achieve this, at all levels. Education of patients and their families is a vital component of comprehensive care. Training programmes for community health workers empowers them to reach out to the deserving. Equally important is our mission to update the knowledge and skills of practicing physicians and neurologists.

  • Educating the patients:

    This is done through various centers & out-reache groups. The aim is to educate patients about their disease, its implication and the treatment options. Neurology Foundation has conducted awareness sessions on "Neurological Disorders and Healthy Ageing" in various organizations. These sessions include general information about Ageing, Stroke, Dementia and Parkinson's disease. Awareness programmes specially designed for teenagers and children are also being organized in schools of Mumbai.

  • Educating the care-givers:

    Neurological disease cause many disabilities and in India the care givers are family members. Through our support groups they are given information & educated regarding their roles in managing their loved ones.

  • Knowledge for Community Workers:

    Outreach programs require training of health workers who in turn identify people with neurological diseases.This helps to reach patients rather than wait for them to approach physician.

    Neurology Foundation is in discussion with Dr. Keskar, Public Health Department, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (M.C.G.M) to conduct awareness session for their health workers at all their health posts. Circulars are being sent to the health posts to provide information on these programs. This will enable the patients from the B.M.C health posts to avail of these programs and facilities. Educational sessions with the various health departments are also being planned.

  • Educating Doctors:
    • Seminars: This is achieved through 3 one-day programs every year where neurologists educate medical students, General Practitioners and Physicians.
    • Neurology Update Mumbai: Neurology Foundation has been organising continuing medical education meetings called 'Neurology Update Mumbai' once every 2 years since 1996. The faculty includes world renowned International Neurologists & Scientists. These meetings are attended by over 1300 neurologists from all over India. This is aimed at improving the standard of care in the country.
    • Individual scholarships: to deserving students who want to pursue medical education through Priyadarshini Foundation.

Parvarish: Supporting Societies

  • Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society (PDMDS)

    The Neurology Foundation supports and collaborates with the Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society (PDMDS) towards its' various activities and programmes. PDMDS currently runs 45 PD care support centres in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Telengana, and soon will be extending to Kerala and Rajasthan.

    The PDMDS works towards improving the quality of life of People with Parkinson's and their Caregivers by providing multidisciplinary education and rehabilitation. The PDMDS extends this via community based rehabilitation; home outreach programme; patient welfare initiatives for economically challenged people with Parkinson's; and development and distribution of scientific resources.

    The PDMDS also extends sensitization programmes to raise awareness about Parkinson's and educate the general public about the debilitating nature of the illness as well as its services.

    The PDMDS also serves as a resource and guidance centre to partner NGO's working for the cause of Parkinson's in different locations.

  • Priyadarshni Academy

    Neurology Foundation contributes to the Priyardarshini Academy towards scholarships for medical students. The academy disburses money for the annual scholarships to the students in the name of "Neurology Foundation Scholarship"

  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (M.S.S.I)

    Neurology foundation contributes to the outreach program of this society as well as provides assistive devices to the needy at the request of the organization.